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Rugby 7s

Rugby Sevens has been introduced at the Olympic Games for the first time at Rio 2016.
We offer courses for players and coaches motivated to excel in this fast growing game.

Player Course

This course is designed to give the participant an insight into Rugby 7s, helping to develop the olympians of tomorrow.
The players will learn all the core skills specific to Rugby 7s and the knowledge to play the game at the highest level. Will be discussed nutrition and the meaning of peak performance in this sport.

Key Points

  • Core Specific Skills
  • Breakdown Skills and Continuity
  • Rugby 7s Patterns and Systems
  • Tactics and Strategies
  • Creation of space
  • Rugby 7s conditioning

Coach Course

This course will provide you with solid knowledge and different perspectives focusing on individual skills specifically for the game of Rugby Sevens.
We will provide you with skills and techniques required to coach at the top level.

Key Points

  • Offensive and Defensive systems
  • Breakdown area
  • Scrum, Lineout and Re-Starts
  • Tactics and Strategies
  • Team skills
  • 7s Conditioning and Fitness
  • Tournament Management
  • Team Profile and Selection

Our coaches are certified by the International Rugby Academy of New Zealand

Fitness Program

Player training is not just about skills and technique. Rugby is a sport in constant evolution that has the players physical training as a major point to deliver a good performance for each level and category.
Even in set pieces the player must express strength in dynamic environment. The right approach is a functional training aimed to make the body strong and able to react to the stimuli received in the game.
Our program offers training programs based on category, age, rugby position and period of the season. This allows the player to be able to always express better his potential.

Key Points

  • Training methodology
  • Position specific Functional Training
  • Short and Long therm Training Programs
  • Feedback analysis about Training Programs

Player Evaluation

The Professional Era in Rugby demands high performance not just as a team and the players are evaluated one by one. Players have to know their limits and their skills to improve the weaknesses and be aware of their strengths.
The performance is closely related to competences. In order to make an assessment on the potential and the quality of a player, we perform analysis of technical and tactical skills and fitness tests based on rugby specific positions.

Key Points

  • Player evaluation on core and specific skills
  • Physical Fitness Test based on age group, player level and rugby position
  • Identification of strength and weakness points
  • Tactical knowledge evaluation

High Performance Rugby Program

The High Performance is not about being at our peak for a single match, but maintain the full potential for the whole season.
The aim for the High Performance Rugby Program is to give the participant the tools to reach high performance over the long-term.
During this course will be explored some primary aspect on the path leading to the high performance, and the key point for those who don’t want to fail to become a professional player is their own desire to succeed.

This course is designed for those who wants to make a profession out of their passion and that are ready to be mentally and physically challenged.

Key points:

  • Mentoring at short numbers training (max 3 players per coach)
  • One to One training
  • Position specific trainings
  • Mental toughness
  • Short and Long therm Training Programs
  • Trainer presence at team training