About us

The High Performance Rugby Program aims to maximize the player potential thus he can perform at the top level in a professional contest. We follow the player on his pathway giving him all the tools he needs to reach his own goals. 

Our program promotes an offensive game based on upskill the single player and the team focusing on possession in every game situation.

To achieve this, the focus is on maximize the potential of every single player developing his individual skills to be put to the service of the team. When training a player is important to build a strong base of skills that will lead him to have more confidence in his own abilities and to be successful.

Our services


Player Courses

Let's build together the solid foundation for the future working on core techniques, position specific skills and analyzing gameplay situations. Read More

Team Courses

Improve team skills, explore innovative training techniques and develop your own game system. Read More

Rugby Clinic

We help teams to improve by training specific game situations and assisting the pre-match and post-match analysis. Read More
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